Breaking change in Docker Compose 1.23.0 (fixed in QuantRocket version 1.4.1)

QuantRocket is not working properly with the latest version of Docker Compose.

The problem

Docker Compose used to name containers like this:


I.e. {project}_{service}_{index}. But starting with the latest version of Compose (1.23.0), it names them with a random slug at the end:


This has broken QuantRocket’s ability to determine the service name of containers (e.g. ibg1) and leads to symptoms such as thinking there is a container called ibg11.

Docker introduced this change without any warning or deprecation period and broke quite a few apps in the process.

Short term solution

For now, please downgrade to an earlier version of Docker:

Mac and Windows users: the downgraded version will likely prompt you to upgrade; don’t upgrade.

Long term solution

A new QuantRocket release will be out ASAP that works with the latest version of Docker Compose.

I would use the opportunity to rewrite the code in a way that it is not relying on the service names from docker-compose at all. That makes it also a lot easier to deploy the solution for instance on Kubernetes.

Compatibility with Docker Compose 1.23.0 is fixed in QuantRocket 1.4.1. Please follow the instructions to update your deployment.

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