Theia doesn't open in 2.2

After updating QuantRocket from version 2.1 to 2.2 the Theia editor can’t open from jupyter launcher, but it was ok in 2.1. Terminal, flightlog, IB gateway gui - I can run them as before. But I can’t run theia - blank page at address “localhost:1969/theia/”
I deleted theia container and reinstalled it with " docker-compose -p quantrocket up -d --remove-orphans", but nothing changed.
How can I launch Theia?

I apologize for this regression. There was an issue with building the theia image and our CI pipeline did not properly alert us of the issue.

We’ll issue a 2.2.1 software release that includes the updated version of theia in the next few days. However, the updated theia image itself is already available so if you want to start using it immediately, you can edit your docker-compose.yml by replacing the line

image: 'quantrocket/theia:2.2.0'


image: 'quantrocket/theia:2.2.1'

and then running

 docker-compose up -d theia

We’ll also address the pipeline notification failure.

Thanks, I updated theia’s image by your instructions and now it works.