Missing prices in usstock-1d

I encountered missing prices in usstock-1d database on Sep 08 2020:
get_prices('usstock-1d', sids=get_securities(symbols=['VTI', 'SPY', 'GLD'], fields=['Sid']).index.tolist(), fields=['Close'], start_date = '2020-09-03', end_date = '2020-09-10').loc['Close']

Database recreation didn't help

Same story with VIXY on May 26 2021 when it was split 1:4

Is usstock DB up-to-date?

Thank you for the reports, these have been added to QA.

@brian , any update on QA? Price data is still missing

The root issue has been fixed on a forward basis and is scheduled to be applied to the historical daily database and daily bundle this weekend, after which you will need to drop and re-collect the daily database to see the data. The fixes will be applied to the minute bundle at a later time.

The QA fix has been fully applied in the US stock daily database and daily bundle. If you are using the history database, please drop the database and recollect the data to obtain the fix. If you are using the Zipline bundle, the fix will be pulled down the next time you ingest new data (you don't need to drop the bundle).

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