Missing prices in usstock-1d

I encountered missing prices in usstock-1d database on Sep 08 2020:
get_prices('usstock-1d', sids=get_securities(symbols=['VTI', 'SPY', 'GLD'], fields=['Sid']).index.tolist(), fields=['Close'], start_date = '2020-09-03', end_date = '2020-09-10').loc['Close']

Database recreation didn't help

Same story with VIXY on May 26 2021 when it was split 1:4

Is usstock DB up-to-date?

Thank you for the reports, these have been added to QA.

@brian , any update on QA? Price data is still missing

The root issue has been fixed on a forward basis and is scheduled to be applied to the historical daily database and daily bundle this weekend, after which you will need to drop and re-collect the daily database to see the data. The fixes will be applied to the minute bundle at a later time.