Missing data Sid 'FIBBG00QVJYGM9' # XP

Hi @brian it seems that the data is missing for this Sid for Oct-5-2021. Could you please let me know if this a DB error?


prices = get_prices("usstock-1d-bundle", start_date="2021-07-01", end_date="2021-10-06", fields=["Close"])

Field Date
Close 2021-07-01 42.40
2021-07-02 42.44
2021-07-06 41.13
2021-07-07 41.32
2021-07-08 39.92
2021-09-30 40.17
2021-10-01 42.05
2021-10-04 40.45
2021-10-05 NaN
2021-10-06 39.58
Name: FIBBG00QVJYGM9, Length: 68, dtype: float64

Our processing pipeline was not able to assign a sid for XP on that date. This happens on rare occasions and there is a QA process currently underway to address it. This particular occurrence will be addressed by that fix.

The QA fix has been fully applied in the US stock daily database and daily bundle. If you are using the history database, please drop the database and recollect the data to obtain the fix. If you are using the Zipline bundle, the fix will be pulled down the next time you ingest new data (you don't need to drop the bundle).

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