Zipline Live Trading

Any news on the scheduled date for the Zipline Live Trading functionality. We have many algorithms in Zipline and want to live trade but since it was scheduled for Q2 2019 and since porting to Moonshot is not that easy, we are anxiously awaiting this functionality.

This is likely postponed until after Q2 for two reasons, (1) we are currently focused on several other priorities including machine learning support and expanded data offerings, and (2) we are delaying the integration until the Zipline API stabilizes from the current changes it is undergoing to support international equities, as Quantopian has said this will result in backwards-incompatible changes. For this reason I don’t have a current estimate for Zipline live trading that I feel confident enough to publicize.

If you need help porting to Moonshot reach out by email.

Zipline live trading is still a high priority and my current estimate is by the end of Q2 2020.

Zipline live trading is available as of June 2020.