What can I do with free account?

I choose free plan and successfully set up quant rocket client through jupyter book, however, as being told from instruction that sample data are free, i was NOT able to download history data in csv file due to this error message,

“status’: ‘error’, ‘msg’: ‘must provide one or more universes, sids, or both (this restriction applies to the free plan only)’}”

when I run command,

fields=[“Open”, “High”, “Low”, “Close”, “Volume”, “Vwap”],

strange enough, I was able to list sample database by running command ,


the result on command line is,


i have an impression that i am still forbidden from accessing the “FREE” data, whatsoever. and it seems everywhere I go, there is a BLOCK from accessing to ANY DATA, that is provided, so long as I have a FREE plan.

interesting enough, the

“jupyter:/codeload $ quantrocket flightlog stream”

under terminal shows NO activity at all, and all other data i tried either has “such file does not exist”, or something I am not permitted to access, so far, there isnt a single data file i can open at all! regardless if i set universe to be free or not.

some one please point out what i can do with this FREE plan, since all i want is to do some research and backtesting on sample/historical data.

thank you so much!

I ran into the same problem. As the error message says, on a free plan you can’t just download the history to file without restricting it first to either a sid, or list of sids , or one or more universes. Sounds like you want to grab as much history stock data as you can, so I suggest you run from start to finish in the terminal:

quantrocket master collect-usstock
quantrocket master get -o listings.csv
quantrocket master universe 'free-usstock-universe' --infile listings.csv 
quantrocket history create-usstock-db 'usstock-free-1d' --bar-size '1 day' --universe 'FREE' 
quantrocket history collect 'usstock-free-1d'
quantrocket history get 'usstock-free-1d' -u 'free-usstock-universe' -o 'usstock-free-1d.csv'

That will get everything from 2007 to today, for the 7 free US stocks. For more info on what’s available for free you can check out the link to sample data from the Free plan here: https://www.quantrocket.com/pricing/

Hope that helps!