Viewing All Trades Taken In Moonshot Backtest

Hi there,

I ran the following command in the CLI to back test a strategy of mine, and it executed fine.

quantrocket moonshot backtest ‘atrm’ -s ‘2020-10-01’ -e ‘2020-10-06’ --pdf -o atrm_tearsheet.pdf --details

However, I wasn’t able to see the individual trades taken with entry and exit times and prices. How can I add that to the back test results?


Use --details to get a detailed CSV, which will contain the backtest DataFrames. Don’t use --pdf with --details because then the detailed CSV doesn’t get returned, only the PDF does.

I replaced --pdf with --csv and atrm_tearsheet.pdf with atrm_tearsheet.csv, however this did not work. What is the correct command to get a detailed csv back test report?

Please refer to the API reference. The support forum is not intended as a substitute for reading the documentation.