Usstock-1d update delay?

Current time: 2020-11-10 10:13PM EST.

Ran a sanity check:

quantrocket history collect 'usstock-1d' --priority && quantrocket history wait 'usstock-1d' && quantrocket moonshot trade 'my-strategy' --review-date '2020-11-10' | csvlook -I


msg: expected signal date 2020-11-10 not found in target weights DataFrame.
underlying data up-to-date? (max date is 2020-11-09)

Sanity check does work with 2020-11-09. Is there a delay in usstock-1d collection?

The usstock dataset is not ready that early. Check out the update schedule in the usage guide.

Ok so it’s only good for research + backtest for prior EOD, but we couldn’t do live trades until next day market open?

I.E. Referencing the dma-tech live-trading example this can only trade next day 9:30amEST open. If we wanted to trade the signal at 4:01pmEST we would need a specific database collected at 4:00pmEST right at close?

Correct. The dataset is suitable for live trading with order entry the following morning (which is the standard end-of-day use case). If you are wanting to place same-day extended hours trades, IBKR data would be the better choice for that.

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