Ubuntu 16.04 LTS ending April 30th

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS ending April 30th 2021.
Are there any special QR pieces to consider if we’re going to upgrade to 18.04 or 20.04 inside our cloud provider?
Is there an easy CLI command for upgrading similar to the initial installation? I have an Elastic IP address associated with the EC2 to keep the IP static but wasn’t sure if a disassociation was required prior, and/or if I need to bring QR down with a docker-compose down.

It would be great to have some docs on doing this properly within QR’s context, similar to the software update guideline.
Should a full QR backup be done prior or is that overkill?

I would make sure your code is pushed to Git and would backup your databases. You then have the option to update the OS in place (like you would do for a local computer) or launching a completely new instance. Updating in place would probably be a bit easier.

I backed up via git & and did the database workflow for the s3 pushes. Thank you.
For anyone else, after backing everything up, I just did the traditional:

$ ssh [email protected]
$ sudo su
$ apt update
$ apt upgrade
$ do-release-upgrade

Note: that since I was on 16.04, I had to do this twice. 16.04 -> 18.04 and again from 18.04 -> 20.04.
Everything seems to be intact. I didn’t have to restore any code or s3 db’s thus far.