Two limit prices in order_target_percent?

Hi, there. In order_target_percent(asset, target, limit_price=None, stop_price=None, style=None)
there is only one limit_price in it.
Since order_target_percent may result in a buy(if real position is smaller than the target) or sell(if real position is bigger than the target) order. So I think there should be two limit_prices, one for buy and the other for sell.
for example, order_target_percent(asset, target, buy_limit_price, sell_limit_price)

am I right?

In the typical use of order_target_percent, I think you would probably know which direction you were trading. If you're rebalancing and don't know which direction the trade will be, I would probably just do the calculation yourself. I'm not sure having two limit prices would be a net improvement in the API, as it adds potential confusion for the more typical use case. It's debatable but doesn't seem clearly better to me.