Trade using Margin with Alpaca - Moonshot

I was looking for any information on using margin if you are trading using Alpaca.

I see that you can check if a security is marginable, but not if there was anything required to allow Quantrocket to trade using margin.

Am I already trading us the margin on the account and is margin included in the Net Liquidation Value?


Net Liquidation Value is simply another name for your account balance. If you submit orders exceeding your Net Liquidation Value, you’ll be on margin. In Moonshot, this corresponds to having a total allocation > 1.0.


If I wanted to trade using all of my margin, assuming 2x margin, I would set total allocation to 2.0?

That’s the general idea, but it will depend on both the total strategy allocation and the sum of the individual weights you assign to your signals in signals_to_target_weights.