Support for trading CFDs through IB


As far as I can tell it seems there's no support for trading CFDs through IB. In some cases there are substantial benefits to using CFDs over stocks and I'm wondering whether CFD support is on the roadmap, or how extensible the relevant QuantRocket components are for an end user to build that out?

With thanks!

CFDs aren’t currently on the roadmap. CFDs can't be traded in the US for regulatory reasons, which makes it challenging for a US-based business like QuantRocket to build and properly test the integration.

Could you look at the securities master database schema, insert your own records for CFDs and work with them that way? Maybe — various customers have extended QuantRocket in various ways — but I wouldn’t want to vouch for that working.

Okay, thanks for the explanation. Might be worth considering at some point, despite the challenges. One of the things that sets QuantRocket apart is the easy access to non-US equity data and trading venues. CFDs pair well with that by limiting exposure to quirky tax regimes like 0.5% stamp duty on purchase of UK-listed equities. Certainly something of an underserved need in the marketplace.