SPAC name security getting delisted RDBX (FIBBG00YG43J40)

Hey @brian, I seem to keep having problems with these spac names getting delisted. I'm using the recommended process for keeping my security master updated per the job below each week, but it seems to incorrectly delist the SPAC names with the following warning. Any advice on how best to handle this? It seems the contract id changes, but not sure why the new contract id/security isn't pulled down from IB. Thanks in advance!

WARNING Delisting missing conid: 459466029

quantrocket master get --sec-types 'STK' 'ETF' --vendors 'ibkr' --fields 'Sid' --exclude-delisted | quantrocket master diff-ibkr --infile - --fields 'ibkr_ConId' --delist-missing --delist-exchanges 'VALUE' 'PINK'

P.S. I also collect security master details from Alpaca, usstock, figi, and ibkr... Do I really need to run the ibkr diff delisting?

The command you posted will delist the old conid but won't collect any new data. The new conid can be collected with this command (or some variation of it):

quantrocket master collect-ibkr --sec-types 'STK' --exchanges 'NASDAQ' --symbols 'RDBX'

Depending on IBKR's timing, it's possible the old conid could go away before the new conid appears.

Delisting IBKR records in the securities master is considered a good idea because those conids are unusable with IBKR (the IBKR API won't let you collect data or place orders for them) and you probably want your strategies to know that.

Hey @brian, sorry I didn't post my full maintenance job, but I do collect IBKR securities before the delisting, and so I'm surprised IBKR isn't giving me the new ConId... Maybe I need to run these in reverse?

# -----------
# -----------

# Start IB Gateway each Saturday (8:30PM) for maintenance tasks
30 20 * * sat quantrocket ibg stop --wait ; quantrocket ibg start

# Drop old data from a real-time database to avoid filling up the disk (midnight on sundays)
0 0 * * sun quantrocket realtime drop-ticks 'usstock-realtime' --older-than '7d' && quantrocket realtime drop-ticks 'usstock-realtime-polygon' --older-than '7d'

# Keep security master database up to date (12:30AM on sundays)
30 0 * * sun quantrocket master collect-alpaca && quantrocket master collect-usstock && quantrocket master collect-figi && quantrocket master collect-ibkr --exchanges NYSE NASDAQ ARCA AMEX BATS --sec-types STK

# Delist IBKR stocks once a week (2:00AM on sundays)
0 2 * * sun quantrocket master get --sec-types 'STK' 'ETF' --vendors 'ibkr' --fields 'Sid' --exclude-delisted | quantrocket master diff-ibkr --infile - --fields 'ibkr_ConId' --delist-missing --delist-exchanges 'VALUE' 'PINK'