Signals vs. Orders Mismatch

All of my moonshot dev tells me there are 16 signals, weights, positions.
But, when I debug order_stubs_to_orders it says there are only 10 orders.

prices_to_signals() - 16

print("Number of signals in signals df:")
>> 2021-06-02    16

signals_to_target_weights() - 16

target_weights = self.allocate_equal_weights(signals)
print("Number of of nonzero cols in target_weights df:")
>> 2021-06-02    16

target_weights_to_positions() - 16

print("Number of of nonzero cols in positions df:")
>> 2021-06-02    16

order_stubs_to_orders() - 10

from codeload.moonshot.MyStrategy import MyStrategy
self = MyStrategy()
prices = self.get_prices(start_date='2021-01-01', end_date='2021-06-02')
allocations = {XXXX: 1.0}
orders =, review_date='2021-06-02')
>> (10, 9)

Seems like something is off inside in because if I use my global scope target_weights in the same notebook and run:
print(self._weights_to_today_weights(target_weights, prices)) I get a list of 16 positions with 0.0625/position.

Different algo, same thing.
Moonshot backtest shows positions using from quantrocket.moonshot import backtest (left) and using dev workflow (right). But trade returns no positions for the date.

Surprisingly, after a new ec2 install of QR this resolved. I’m not sure what resolved.

The original mismatch of the 16 vs. 10 positions remains though.