Shortfall Tearsheet not matching Alpaca

Live Strategy from 12/18/20-01/08/21. Account started cash on 12/18/20.

Shortfall Tearsheet:

Simulated: 4.4%,
Tearsheet Actual: 0.5%

Alpaca Actual account:

12/18/20: $11,080.85.
01/8/21: $11,545.85.
Cum Return 4.2%.

Moonchart Tearsheet says it’s only made $64.76, versus the reality of $465.

Does moonchart/tearsheet analysis only take closed positions into effect? I’m guessing that $64.76 is closing some small positions for daily re-balancing and only that is being counted towards returns.

Please see the PNL caveats in the docs.

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