Sharadar DPS > adjusted and unadjusted close price

I am calculating the dividend yield using the sharadar data from the database rather than the bundle. I followed the instructions to incorporate the fully adjusted close price data into a pipeline. I am seeing some suspicious values. I apologize in advance if this is a dumb question, but how can the DPS be greater than the close price e.g. (company A has a DPS of $15 but a share price of $5).

Symbol: AVTA
Date: 2008-06-02
DPS: 15.3
Close Price: 9.13

I guess company A could issue a DPS of $15 when their stock price is $60. The stock price could then fall considerably resulting in an increase in the dividend yield. In this situation I would expect the company to declare an updated DPS. Looks like oil exploration companies do this kind of thing often.

This does not look like a plausible explanation for AVTA.

The DPS of 15.30 is the total dividends per share paid out over the prior twelve months (for ART dimension), as reported in the company's financial report of 2008-06-02. At that time, the share price is 9.13. Since the date of that closing price is after the dividends have already been paid out, there's nothing inconsistent about the (current) share price being lower than the (past) dividends.

Clearly the company would not be able to pay out 15.30/share again in the upcoming year, so if you're screening for stocks with high dividend yields, maybe you want a rule that filters out dividend yields that seem unsustainably high.