Refresh Terminal not working since 2.8.0

I recently upgraded my environment to 2.8.0

However, for some reason, the Refresh Terminal command using the mouse right-click in the terminal screens or flightlog does not clear the contents anymore. Any reason for this happening?


Refresh Terminal is advertised as refreshing the terminal connection in case of a disconnect (e.g. the terminal doesn’t respond to input). The fact that it also cleared the content may have been an undocumented side effect that seems to have gone away in the newer version of JupyterLab that ships with 2.8.0. However, you can still clear the terminal by typing clear (which is a standard Linux utility):

$ clear
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Thanks Brian,

I was using that "feature" before to clear the flighlog windows so I guess I can always restart the log stream. I just wasn't sure if there was an issue with my installed setup.

BTW, all the great updates in 2.8.0 are very much appreciated.