Question: usstock-1min best practices?

What’s the best practice for keeping the usstock-1min bundle data up to date?

If i do an ingest it seems like its pulling everything from scratch and going to take a very long time even thought is only been a couple days?

also wondering if there are sample crons to learn from?
(demonstrating all in one place updating IB listings, updating history, delisting etc)

It only syncs the diff so it will be faster. Currently it still takes several hours but there is an enhancement coming in the 2.1 release that will reduce that to 30 minutes.

That release will also have some example templates for various configuration files including the crontab. However, due to the countless possibilities of what you might put on it, it will still be necessary to create your own according to your needs. The general approach is, run a command you want in the terminal to test, then add it to the crontab with the appropriate scheduling.

thanks, yeah i realize i’ll need to make my own, but its nice to see what someone that knows how to do things correctly does for inspiration.

Here’s an example I have in my crontab:

#Update history db at 6:30 AM EST every morning:
30 6 * * mon-fri quantrocket history collect 'usstock-1d'

Note I have configured my QR to be in EST time rather than UTC/PST. So this runs 3 hours before standard market open of 9:30am EST.