QuantRocket 2.7.1 Release Notes

QuantRocket 2.7.1 is now available. See how to update.

This is a patch release that contains a mandatory update of IB Gateway. Due to the Log4j critical security vulnerability, Interactive Brokers announced on December 21, 2021 that they will discontinue operation of earlier versions of IB Gateway on December 29, 2021. This means that earlier versions of QuantRocket will no longer be able to connect to Interactive Brokers after that time. Therefore, all QuantRocket users wishing to connect to their Interactive Brokers account must update to the latest version.


  • update to IB Gateway 981.3g


  • fix an issue preventing the use of quantrocket realtime stream from the JupyterLab terminal

QuantRocket v1.9 users

QuantRocket version 1.9 users, please edit your docker-compose.yml and update any ibg services to use the quantrocket/ibg:1.9.2 image. This image contains the latest version of IB Gateway backported to QuantRocket version 1.9.

Important caveat: We have performed limited manual validation of the backported image. However, due to the age of the QuantRocket version 1.9 release, it is no longer possible to build and run the full, automated test suite to verify full compatibility between the new IB Gateway and the legacy code running in QuantRocket 1.9. This update is therefore offered on an experimental basis. Version 1 users are strongly encouraged to migrate to version 2.