Quantopian Strategy Conversion to QuantRocket

Hello everyone,

I had some strategies in Quantopian that I’m trying to convert to QuantRocket. I’m not a great coder so I’m running into a little bit of trouble getting them to work. I’m looking to hire an experienced QuantRocket user to help me with these conversions. Is anyone interested?

Thank you,


Hi Bruno,

Usually @brian is the go-to in this area with purchased support hours. Typically, if you have general questions feel free to post and people will help out and brian will come in with some help. I usually try the code section. For your question, the old Quantopian lectures have been converted to QuantRocket in this repo:
quantrocket codeload clone 'quant-finance-lectures'

I also got ideas/help from this repo for Zipline:
quantrocket codeload clone 'pipeline-tutorial'

Make sure if you’re inside of a JupyterLab notebook in QR (local or cloud) you’re on the Zipline environment rather than the default Python 3. This has caught me a few times.

Thank you Kevin, I appreciate it.

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