Price not correct?

Hi, I test the following code. in 2022, I print the price of AAPL. it's something around 25, but the real price should be above 100. any idea?

def initialize(context):
    # Securities and target weights
    context.securities = {
        'SPY': 0.25, 
        'AAPL': 0.07,
    # Schedule rebalance for once a month
    schedule_function(rebalance, date_rules.month_start(), time_rules.market_open())
def rebalance(context, data):
    # Loop through the securities
    for sec, weight in context.securities.items():
        sym = sid(get_securities(symbols=sec, vendors='sharadar').index[0])
        print('=======',sym, data.current(sym,'price'))
        # Check if we can trade
        if data.can_trade(sym):
            # Reset the weight
            order_target_percent(sym, weight) 

I’m not able to reproduce this. I get AAPL prices in the above $100 range for 2022. Splits are applied point-in-time in backtests, so if the simulation date is earlier than a given split, you will see the pre-split price. You can read about how splits are handled for the Sharadar bundle in the usage guide.