No such IB Gateway

Hi Brian,

I was able to create the cloud setup with DigitalOcean and create my databases and bundles on the cloud. However, when trying to setup my IB paper trading account the same way I did it on my local machine I'm getting the error below, any idea why?

from quantrocket.ibg import set_credentials
set_credentials("ibg1", username="myusername", trading_mode="paper")

"ValueError: no such IB Gateway: ibg1"

Thank you.

Docker Desktop now ships with Docker Compose v2, which is causing the problem. For now, please run the following commands to disable Docker Compose v2 and relaunch your containers:

docker-compose disable-v2
docker-compose up -d --force-recreate

I ran this on my desktop and IB still works on my local QR but still doesn't work on my Cloud QR. Am I supposed to run it somewhere else?

Thank you

Make sure you activate the Docker Machine environment for your cloud deployment before running the commands:

docker-machine env quantrocket
# then run the command that the above command prints out

You may want to redeploy to the cloud using the cloud tutorial, which has been updated to use Docker Contexts instead of Docker Machine, in which case you would do the following before running the commands:

docker context use quantrocket

Hey brian,

It seems that the new cloud installation documentation is missing the steps of getting the droplet IP and etc...