Multiple Accounts Alpaca Moonshot Deployment

Trying to replicate IB’s multiple accounts in quantrocket.moonshot.allocations.yml but with multiple Alpaca accounts.
Assumed I could simply add another key using:

from quantrocket.license import set_alpaca_key
set_alpaca_key(api_key='NEW_API_KEY', trading_mode='paper')

But expected the below to return a dictionary will all API paper/live keys, not just the newest one:

from quantrocket.license import get_alpaca_key

# Actual
>{'paper': {'api_key': 'NEW_API_KEY'},
  'live': {'api_key': 'XXX'}}

# Expected
>{'paper1': {'api_key': 'OLD_API_KEY'},
  'paper2': {'api_key': 'NEW_API_KEY'},
  'live': {'api_key': 'XXX'}}

I saw some talk on this topic on Alpaca’s forums for multiple paper/sub-accounts as well as a Github feature request, but didn’t know how to best achieve it in QR.
Thank you!

Currently only 1 paper and 1 live account is supported. A possible workaround you could explore might be to programmatically switch back and forth between different API keys.