Moonshot Feature not found

I'm sure that this is the result of a very simple mistake I am overlooking, but I cannot seem to get Moonshot to locate one of my features.

I have sequentially added features to the Moonshot Strategy code testing between additions. All of my features except for 'comb_normalized' are being found.

-In notebook, I use get_prices to verify that all data being referenced is present in the database.
-I use ffill and bfill to ensure that I do not have any dates missing data.
-I copy pasted names to ensure no spelling errors.
-Updated number of features for the model to reference (although I don't believe that should produce the error -- unable to locate key)

Below is a screenshot showing get_prices being able to find 'comb_normalized' from the same database referenced in the Moonshot Strategy file "" which is in the moonshot directory which is in the codeload directory (not a subdirectory).

With 'comb_normalized' commented out in the strategy file (and feature count reduced for the model), walkforward will execute without issue.

Not sure where to look next...

It looks like you need to set DB_FIELDS as the default is not suitable for your database. See the MoonshotML docstring.

:man_facepalming: Thank you!