Logspout high cpu usage

I am experiencing quite high CPU usage by my logspout container.

I am new to Quantrocket and have only gone through a handful of tutorials (aka my repo is 'stock' minus some tutorials), so I do not believe my setup to be too 'polluted' with potential candidates causing this issue.

Additionally, I do not see any redflags in the container logs:

I have seen a couple other messages on gliderlabs github issues that are experiencing the same thing, but no solutions presented.
Applying CPU limits to logspout · Issue #237 · gliderlabs/logspout (github.com)
CPU usage on dockerd 100% · Issue #246 · gliderlabs/logspout (github.com)

Anyone having similar issues and know of a solution or as to why this is happening?

Thanks in advance!

Does the high CPU usage come back if you restart the container? (docker compose restart logspout, or can be done from the Docker Desktop GUI.)

Failing that, I have occasionally seen excessive CPU usage from Docker that was resolved with:

docker compose down
docker compose up -d

I don't see any legitimate reason why logspout should ever use that much CPU.

I feel like an idiot for not trying that first... Was simply using Docker Desktop GUI '...' -> Restart Container method with no avail. That worked! Not sure why it happened in the first place, but maybe I'll cross that road again in the future. Thanks Brian!