ISIG duplicate active sids

Experiencing an issue where ISIG has 2 active sids, one is being used by the usstock minute bundle and another is being used for realtime data collection. Any idea why this is happening, and how I can resolve this specific instance as well as long term? Thanks!

FIBBG000JF8SX9 seems to be coming from IBKR
FIBBG000CBDQY2 seems to be coming from other providers (usstock, alpaca, etc)

(base) jupyter:/codeload $ quantrocket master get --symbols ISIG

This can happen for reasons explained in the docs: Usage Guide

Are you referring to just the general discrepencies between data providers, or are you pointing towards a specific issue in the case of ISIG?

Either way, what would be your recommendation for live trading? Would it be better to use a single data provider? Since I don't use IBKR at all, I've done ahead and stopped using them as a data provider for my security master so hopefully that'll do the trick.

I feel like I'm REALLY close to having a system that can run consistently without any hiccups. My trading style is certainly challenging though, and QuantRocket is the first system capable of supporting my use case. Looking forward to a strong 2022!