IBKR Lite/Pro for FFA

On IB’s website they advertise that IBKR Lite is free trading and commissions, but it’s noted that they don’t allow API connections in comparing Lite vs. Pro.

If the master account has IBKR PRO with API support, can the friends & family open Lite accounts and just receive trading signals from QR’s connection to the master?

I.E. If I had 1 master (PRO), 3 sub-accounts (LITE), 1 QR algo. Can I send trades to everyone?

Check with IBKR but I would be surprised if that works as that would present an easy workaround for getting API access with IBKR Lite.

To trade multiple commission-free accounts, the most promising route would probably be for QR to support multiple Alpaca accounts, as per your other post. Reach out privately if you want to discuss sponsored development to get that prioritized.