IB Gateway Cloud Launch

I need to go into IB Gateway GUI in my cloud deployment and configure the manual settings like normal because it requires 2-factor auth. But when I open an IB Gateway GUI to check noVNC I get this error:

Oddly enough, when I do the exact same thing for my local install, noVNC pops right up and I'm able to configure the settings fine; no mention of 2 installs.
I believe I've pruned any unused images/containers for the cloud & local, but can't tell if something is cached somewhere I'm not looking.

The software is treating opening the VNC page as a remote connection which counts against concurrent installs, but it shouldn’t be. It will be fixed in the next release but for now, you will need to work around it by temporarily stopping your local deployment to access VNC on the cloud deployment.

This issue is fixed in version 2.6.0.