IB Fractional Shares (FFA & Individual)

Does order_stubs_to_orders() need an extra key in the orders dictionary to trade in fractional shares? I have an individual as well as an FFA-based account but don’t see documentation on fractional shares.
Maybe something like:

orders[“Fractional”] = True

I’m assuming this would be the same for an advisor-based account with fractional privileges for all clients but want to confirm.

(Not to distract from the original question but side note for anyone else; cannot have orders["OutsideRth"] = True for fractional shares, even manual trading on IB App).

IBKR only supports fractional shares manually through Trader Workstation, not through the API.


Have you heard any rumors from IB for timeline? Alpaca mentioned they’re shooting for Q1 2021. Is it safe to assume QR will be able to adopt this feature once pushed?