How to use this site


Welcome to Ground Crew Premium Support!

Login: Login with the same credentials you use on www.quantrocket.com. (A paid support plan is required.)

Message Ground Crew: Click “Message Ground Crew” to send a private message to support. Support will be notified by email.

Reply by email: When Ground Crew responds, you will be notified by email. Continue the conversation by replying to the email or by returning to this portal.

Message history: To review your message history, click on your profile in the top right then click the messages icon (see animation below).


To use the Search feature (magnifying glass) in the top menu bar, please be sure to prefix your query with "in:private " in order to search your private messages.

This support portal uses the same forum software (Discourse) that QuantRocket’s community site uses, but public posts have been disabled and profiles are hidden.