Github Copilot blocked?

Although JupyterLab is really powerful, I would like to take advantage of Github Copilot to decrease setup time for experiment testing.

I am able to use Copilot in other containers without issue, so I know that my subscription is active and not having an issue due to containerization.

Unfortunately, once I enable copilot in the QuantRocket Jupyter container, my CPU utilization goes to around 70+% and Copilot does not function at all.

Any insights on this? I look around for answers, but it is specifically related to QuantRocket containers in my case.

Luckily was able to get Copilot chat to work. CPU utilization is still an issue though. Wondering if it has to do with logs it generates and QuantRocket save mechanism?

I’ve been able to use Copilot in some QuantRocket containers but not in others, without a clear rhyme or reason. I doubt it has anything specifically to do with QuantRocket. Working with extensions in remotes in VS Code can be complicated and in my experience issues often resolve on their own in a subsequent VS Code update.