Get_prices function no longer honoring "fields" parameter when querying multiple and/or realtime database

I swear this was working before, I think, but noticed today that the fields parameter is being ignored when trying to use get_prices with multiple databases. Regardless of the fields attribute, the realtime database fields are being returned.

In the query below, I would only expect to receive the Open price field.

@brian can you confirm whether or not this is a new issue, or if it's always been this way?

Upon closer inspection, this might actually be working as expected when you consider the following:

  1. Not specifying a fields parameter will return all columns from a given database
  2. Specified fields must exist in the database

With the above in mind, I think passing in an invalid field for a given database type is essentially the same as passing in no fields parameter.

In short, I think it's just a bit confusing when querying multiple databases as you'd expect to only get back the fields you requested from all databases, although it doesn't really make sense to query a database and not specify any fields from that database.

Anyhow, will leave here in case this is deemed an issue. I'm good now as I understand what's going on, and can work with it.