[Feature Request] Quandl Support for new Datasets

I’ve seen in the API Reference, QuantRocket supports also Quandl databases.
At the moment only two databases are supported: Zacks Equity Prices and FinSentS News Sentiment.

What about adding support for the “Sharadar Equity Prices” (SEP) and “Core US Fundamentals Data” (SF1)?
They have a long history (ca. 16 years), are survivorship bias free and very affordable! (expecially compared to Zacks).

We plan to support a variety of Quandl databases and will absolutely follow user demand as to which ones.

That said, the API Reference is a bit over-eager at the moment, as none of the Quandl integrations are yet in place.

Sharadar US fundamentals have been integrated as of QuantRocket 1.4: