Don't know where can I activate quantrocket license

I'm using mac and follwing your documents.

At first, I read your Installation page, and installed quantrocket via docker compose and it worked good.

Next, I read your Usage Guide page, and try to activate quantrocket license. But the doc does not have any clue on where should I run following command:

$ quantrocket license set 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX'

To run above command, do I have to install quantrocket command in my local environment via pip? Or, do I have to login to one of running containers to run the command?

It would be nice to have a more detailed description of command execution in the documentation.

Thank you in advance.

Go to JupyterLab as shown at the end of the installation page. You can enter the license key in a JupyterLab terminal or notebook. The JupyterLab Quickstart will show you how.

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Works great, thanks!