Data: Street Estimates, Fed Data

Do any of the QuantRocket Data subscriptions provide analyst estimates of earnings, revenue, etc in the future versus historic actuals?

Also, what about Economic data? Do any of the providers offer Economic forecasts (GDP, Inflation, etc.)? Can we integrate to FRED and if yes, how?


Currently there's not a provider with forward-looking estimates or economic data. Both of those datasets are good candidates to import as custom data.

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Brian, I know the Nasdaq data link has a lot of data options. Are there any issues I should be aware of about using that as a data source before I explore further? Thanks.

They are a suitable data provider. As mentioned in the docs, mapping securities to QuantRocket sids is usually the hardest part of loading custom data, and the ease or difficulty of that process will be more dataset-specific that data provider-specific.

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Here is a reasonable set of data available as URL endpoints from FMP that could be imported as CustomData.

Hope that helps.


I will check this out. Thank you Kamran!