Custom Data Loading attribute error

I have followed the instructions for loading Custom data. It all seems to work and I have loaded the SQL database with a sample column of data.

However, as I try to set up the field in my zipline pipeline get the below error!. There are no errors in loading the data and the data is there. The CustomFundemantals class autocompletes the Column name, I think like I had this working and now I get this error. Any help is appriciated.

from import Database, Column
class CustomFundamentals(Database):

    CODE = "test-fundamentals"
    sector = Column(str),
    Symbol  = Column(str),

Pipeline(columns={“test”: CustomFundamentals.sector.latest,})

AttributeError Traceback (most recent call last)
in ()
----> 3 Pipeline(columns={“test”: CustomFundamentals.sector.latest,})

AttributeError: ‘tuple’ object has no attribute ‘latest’

Here is the type info

(< at 0x7fb5d1a013c8>,)

This is just Python, not QuantRocket. You have stray commas after Column(str), which creates a tuple.

Brian Thanks very much!

I actually was also using the str type (from the db definition ) instead of Object !!! and then I inserted a comma for some reason and the class returned no errors !! so I made a double mistake which creates the error

Agghhh …