Count of SIDs varying between methods

The number of SIDs being returned is different between two methods when I would expect them to be the same.

Data Source: sharadar stocks only
Date: 2023-04-12

Method 1
quantrocket get_prices method
the resulting data frame has a shape of (1, 8037)

Method 2
a Zipline CustomFactor where the input data is sharadar fundamentals accessed via sharadar.Fundamentals.slice(dimension="ARQ", period_offset=0).MARKETCAP.latest
the ndarray passed to the compute function has shape (1, 8000)

It looks like 37 SIDs are missing between method 1 and method 2. Here is the list of the differing real sids...


Is this expected behavior? I have double checked my implementation, but it is entirely possible I am still doing something wrong.

I found the issue. Disregard. Apologies for the false alarm.