Can QuantRocket ingest custom data?


I’m new here and a Quantopian convert :smile:

Was just wondering if it’s possible to run backtests on your own datasets (csv or DB)?

Basically asking the same question as the “FAQ” on Moonshot Github:
Can I use Moonshot without QuantRocket?
Moonshot depends on QuantRocket for querying historical data in backtesting and for live trading. In the future we hope to add support for running Moonshot on a CSV of data to allow backtesting outside of QuantRocket.


Not out of the box. Are you talking about price data or non-price data?

Just daily bars for now, with volume & open interest

Custom data is much requested and on the road map but still a few months away.

Is custom data still in development? This seems the only missing part to fully migrate to this platform. I need for example sector data. I have it but cannot ingest it.

Sectors will actually be available in the new release out later this week or next week. Custom data is tentatively slated for the release after that.

Sectors are available for the US stock dataset in version 2.4.0. See lesson 9 of the Pipeline tutorial for an example of using them.

Just for reference and take some load off brian (who is everywhere), QR 2.5 now supports custom data: