Before_trading_start and daily data/TradingAlgorithm object has no attribute mavgs

I am trying to run the Zipline sample backtest here:

I have made one change, to replace USEquityPricing with EquityPricing, because I’m using EDI data for Japan.

I get this error:

jupyter:/codeload $ quantrocket zipline backtest c2 --bundle xjpx-eod-bundle -s 2010-04-01 -e 2016-02-01 -f daily -o results.csv --progress A
msg: '''TradingAlgorithm'' object has no attribute ''mavgs'''
status: error

It seems like before_trading_start isn’t being called. I guess this has something to do with my daily frequency data… Should I expect before_trading_start to work, and I’ve got my calendar wrong, or should I schedule something daily with schedule_function?

before_trading_start is called for both daily and minute bundles. The example code should run fine on EDI data. I’m not able to replicate the issue. TradingAlgorithm is context, if that helps pin it down any.