Backtest SID not in DB (Moonshot CODE name)

In error it says SID is not in prices. If you pull prices manually you can see it is.
Oddly enough, in this question even if the benchmark SID was not in prices, it would automatically put it in for signals.

Similarly, even if I remove the benchmark from the moonshot file, it says other tickers aren’t present when they are in prices df.

Steps taken:

  • Deleted the DB and recollected to make sure it was fresh.
  • Deleted init & pycache within moonshot.

Thoughts: Does Moonshot not allow the re-usage of the CODE name within the moonshot file? Feels like the CODE is potentially stuck on a prior DB that was collected/associated with it. Is there an easy way to release the CODE name and re-test?

Shortly after posting I found it within the documentation here.
Pass no_cache=True inside backtest.