APOP (FIBBG00D9PB2L6) Incorrectly marked as delisted

Hey @brian, IBKR seems to have changed the contract id for APOP due to the split, and thus the weekly job I have to delist stocks using IBKR caused it to be delisted incorrectly. What's your recommendation on:

  1. Resolving APOP
  2. A long term solution to prevent this from happening in the future.

Here's my scheduled job for delisting:

0 2 * * sun quantrocket master get --sec-types 'STK' 'ETF' --vendors 'ibkr' --fields 'Sid' --exclude-delisted | quantrocket master diff-ibkr --infile - --fields 'ibkr_ConId' --delist-missing --delist-exchanges 'VALUE' 'PINK'

P.S. Note that I do collect new securities from IBKR before the above delisting job, so I'm not sure why the new APOP contract id wasn't pulled down?