Any plans for cryptocurrency support?

Was just reading an article that TA is providing a lot of alpha in the cryptocurrency space because the markets aren't as efficient. Any plans for future support for crypto markets?

You can trade crypto futures through Interactive Brokers. There are also lots of smaller stock and futures exchanges which might be good places to look for less efficient markets. Supporting spot crypto is a maybe, but probably not in 2020 due to other things on the road map.

Hey @brian any updates on the idea of bringing crypto to QuantRocket? With custom databases I feel like we're really close; I guess the only other missing piece would be the security master and then blotter.

If we had security master support, handling orders with the broker would be pretty easy until blotter support is added.

I'm planning to get into crypto over the next couple months and will be trying to leverage QuantRocket for my crypto trading as well.

Crypto is on the radar but the specifics are not yet mapped out.

@brian any updates?
Coinbase is opening Coinbase Prime this month for institutional traders & Alpaca just opened a crypto waitlist.

I doubt any decisions will be made until it's clearer what Alpaca's offering will look like and it's generally available, as Alpaca would probably be the first choice for integration.

@here IB opened crypto trading today for BTC, ETH, LTC & BCH. Since it's able to trade in TWS, I'm assuming it will have API capabilities like any other asset class. @brian can you comment on this?

Fees seem relatively favorable as well.

Well, got the answer for now.