Amazon S3 outage is affecting Sharadar and Short Sale datasets

Amazon S3 is currently experiencing an outage due to resolution errors with their DNS nameservers. This is impacting QuantRocket’s ability to deliver up-to-date versions of Sharadar datasets and short sale datasets.

These datasets are pushed to S3 from our processing server, from which users then collect them into their local QuantRocket deployments. Due to the outage our system has been unable to push the up-to-date datasets to S3. Therefore the datasets available on S3 are stale. Moreover, users may experience errors when attempting to collect the data, since QuantRocket connects to S3 for this purpose.

We are monitoring the situation and will ensure that the up-to-date datasets get pushed to S3 as soon as the issue is resolved on Amazon’s end.

All datasets are now up-to-date on S3. We are still seeing intermittent DNS resolution errors when contacting S3, but the errors are sporadic enough to allow data to flow.

The intermittent errors resolved shortly after the previous update.