Alpaca/IB Moonshot Allocations Metric Difference?

Is Alpaca based on Buying Power rather than Net Liquidation Value?
Only see IB specified here.

I have 1.0 specified inside quantrocket.moonshot.allocations.yml for the same strategy at IB & Alpaca, but Alpaca seems to be based off total buying power (~2X liquid cash), hence the leverage in the picture below.

Now I’m less certain how the leverage happened. Here is a hypothetical trade on Jan 28th. Top order is the 60 * 377.87 = $22,672.20, which would make me assume Alpaca only picks up net liquidation value.

It’s NetLiquidation for both brokers. Moonshot doesn’t know any difference between brokers.

For anyone else I noted in this other ticket that it may be due to Alpaca changing clearing brokers Feb 2021, and thus my quantrocket.moonshot.allocations allocated a 1.0 to both the old and new accountID.