Activating FFA Client sub-accounts

Here is the traditional multiple ibg setup I’m referencing.

Is it necessary to register each client sub-account under a new ibg? I ask in the context of scaling for adding N number of clients. Every time you add a new client I suspect you’ll have to update:

  • docker-compose.override.yml
  • docker-compose -p quantrocket up -d

It seems the clients would have to give you username and password to set up with the quantrocket.moonshot.allocations.yml. Is this True?
It would be fine for close family & friends, but scaling you wouldn’t want username/password access.

I’m assuming you can bypass the username/password issue if you structure using the option 3, FA orders, and doing the manual setup for an online group and have the master account allocate to sub-accounts.
BUT, then how can a moonshot strategy be used in this context? Like sending equal-weighted target signals to accounts of various sizes.

Can you comment on this sentence under option 3:
"Subsequent FA orders will not trigger a warning message. However, if you re-install QuantRocket (and thus IB Gateway), the message will appear again on your first FA order."
Does this mean every docker-compose -p quantrocket up -d this manual step would have to be re-configured?

Thank you!

The preferred solution is not to run multiple gateways and also not to use FA orders. It is to run one IB Gateway for the master/advisor account, which will have access to all client accounts (without needing their IB Gateway logins). Then, use Moonshot to set the desired allocation for each connected account.

So you will have one IB Gateway providing access to many accounts, each of which will receive its own allocation in the allocation file.

I didn’t realize with master account credentials (say ibg1=master creds) provides access to all other U123, U234, U345, etc… API subaccounts automatically, great news.
Do these accounts inherit all master configuration as well? Example, if fractional shares are enabled for master then UXXX accounts wouldn’t need to request as well, or any other master specific security approvals like stocks/futures/forex can be traded by advisor and then UXXX doesn’t need to request individually